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Free Awareness Videos

The Cyber Security & Information Systems Information Analysis Center (CSIAC), which is a DoD-sponsored organization, has recently released some short videos to help workplaces refresh and enhance their awareness content.  According to their website, they plan to release one new video a month in order to cover a variety of topics. Here are some particularly helpful videos we’ve picked out of their current lineup: Freeware ( This video features a man named John who installs some free software on his home computer and, after being flooded with pop-ups, decides to… Read more Free Awareness Videos

Conversations with Teachers

This past month, I had a handful of conversations with teachers centering on technology in the classroom as well as their experiences with technology issues. I also collected survey responses which addressed the same topics. From my research, I came to some interesting conclusions that I would like to share – conclusions which I believe are universal for end-user perspectives on cybersecurity. First (and not surprisingly) technology is an integral part of a teacher’s day, from electronic textbooks projected on the whiteboard to reading apps and educational games on iPads.… Read more Conversations with Teachers