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Summer Cyber-Secure Challenge: Social Connection Review

This is post two in the Summer Cyber-Secure Challenge. Here’s a link to the previous one: App Delete Social Connection Review Part A. Review connections on private personal profiles and remove those you don’t know well. It feels good to see the number of friends and connections you have grow, right? That means you’re popular and social. You may have had a good connection with that friend from fifteen years ago, but now you don’t really speak to each other. If you’re comfortable with the kinds of details you share… Read more Summer Cyber-Secure Challenge: Social Connection Review

Love Letter to Facebook

We’ve talked about using stories to teach security topics in the past. Today, we have one that shows how a social network site uses safeguards to prevent someone from accessing your account. Dear Facebook, I love you.  Two nights ago I checked my e-mail one last time before turning in for the night and I saw a notification from who?  From you.  You told me that someone had requested a password reset.  Whoa.  Stop right there.  That. Wasn’t. Me.  My suspicion gears started moving.  I sat up in bed.  I… Read more Love Letter to Facebook