Strong Passwords Are Like Recipes

The average person may get overwhelmed by a strong password policy in the workplace.  They look at the requirements and think there’s no way they can remember a password that follows it.  What results is that they write the password down and store it somewhere close by.  This could be on the monitor, under the keyboard, or in a notebook.

It’s rare that password policies are taught alongside an actual password creation strategy.  There are some decent ones out there such as the passphrase or the sentence.

Again, one of the problems with passwords is that the complexity requirements make people want to write their passwords down.  Another problem is that password change intervals give people anxiety because you’re effectively blocking access to their computer until they create a new password.

We’ve gone further than simply stating the password requirements.  We teach password creation rules or recipes.  The benefit is that you determine how to create passwords ONCE and then create strong passwords again and again without having to really think about it.  Another benefit is that you can easily derive your password when attempting to recall them.

Password recipe

This particular password strategy is meant to solve two problems.  The fact that people tend to create really simple passwords (just look at the worst passwords of last year) and the fact that they write them down as-is.

Here is a link to our “Four Steps to a Stronger Password” video!  Share it with your users or anyone you think can benefit from creating stronger passwords.

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