Goodie Baskets

Who can resist food?  In most office spaces, if you leave out a plate of cookies, they’re gone in a matter of minutes.  Continuing with the theme of food (see our other article on the Password Change Pizza Party), you can use it as a way to reinforce concepts that employees may have already heard from an annual security awareness training event.

Whether it’s cookies, doughnuts, or maybe healthier alternatives like granola bars, apples, yogurt, etc., you can use the opportunity to provide a little tidbit of security awareness. Place a stack of papers near the food with your message or try some of these other ideas.

Paper-saving techniques. Place a single sign with the information you wish to convey near the food items. You could also send out an e-mail advertising the food along with your message.

Candy bowl sign

Individual wrappers.  You can include multiple messages if you’re able to individually wrap items in the food basket.  It gives people something to take back to their desks and maybe talk to their neighbors about before discarding them.

Here is a tip about fake certified technician scams that you can use:


Of course, you don’t have to stop there. You can even do a series of food baskets (one per day for a week or one per week for a month) to get people talking about security concepts! Just another creative way to get the word out about computer security. However you go about it, with this method you are sure to start seeing cyber security on the minds of your employees.

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