The holidays and end of the year are around the corner.  As I reflect back on 2016, it’s been an amazing journey.  Our original course material has improved, and we’ve added an online LMS platform to our products.  Our client base has grown and thereby the number of people who receive our cyber awareness tips and tactics.

This year has been rich with stories about hacking and cyber attacks:

  • Check out our Cyber Roundups
  • 500 million Yahoo accounts
  • Election systems in several U.S. states
  • IoT devices DDOS popular websites

Amid some bad news, it’s important to let people know what they can do rather than leave them feeling hopeless.  While presenting a breakout session called “Securing Your Users” this year, I was asked my opinion on “the next big thing” given the rise of ransomware.  I replied that I wasn’t particularly concerned about what comes next because there will very likely be a human element.  My concern centers around how to guide people to continue to make a choice that bears the least risk.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed by hacking news or become numb to the data breach stories.  But as a security community, we must fight apathy.

The role I imagined for Cyber Safe Workforce is as an extension of your workforce–creating a security awareness plan, developing content, as well as assisting in delivery and reporting. This is done hand-in-hand with your security manager or technology team.  We are partners in this fight against the cyber bad guys.

We are committed to improving our products and services through varied topics, delivery methods, reporting, and visual queues.  And we’re hearing good things from our clients.  (Check out our Testimonials page.)

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, I’ll spend time reflecting on the relationships I’ve made over this past year through Cyber Safe Workforce.  Thank you for being a part of us!

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