New Cyber Roundups

We’ve compiled new Cyber Roundup stories happening in the latter half of 2016 for K-12 school districts, cities and counties, and higher education. The most prevalent stories are those of accidental disclosures: Employee uploads private information to a public website, employee e-mails health insurance records to personal e-mail. See a trend here? The threat many times comes from within the organization, often due to lack of awareness or strong procedures in place. Interestingly, reported hacking incidents make up a smaller amount of the stories.

Of note are two phishing stories that showcase the power of business e-mail compromise (BEC) scam’s financial impact. Both the City of El Paso, TX and the East Baton Rouge school system lost money due to this spear phishing scheme. El Paso paid out $3.3 million to scammers impersonating vendors. East Baton Rouge school system wired $46,500 to fake accounts at the request of the “superintendent.” In both cases, some of the funds were recovered, but not without headache and press coverage.

Need an interesting story to showcase the need to pay attention to security awareness measures? Peruse our Cyber Roundups.

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