Happy Thanksgiving

As we approach the year-end holiday season, I find myself reflecting on the people and opportunities to be thankful for this year: new and renewing clients, and opportunities to grow Cyber Safe Workforce and help our clients in new ways. I am grateful for a supportive team and for small business resources like WBENC.

Operating and trying to grow a small business is not easy. I am so appreciative of friends in similar situations whom I’ve turned to this year to brainstorm and commiserate. My gratitude is endless for a spouse who has supported me and challenged me to do better.

Most of all, I am thankful to be on this journey at all because I’ve been able to help people I never would have met otherwise, learning and growing while doing so. From developing in-browser learning moments to combat phishing websites to customizing reports to help a client achieve their training requirements to data security consulting for a tech education startup to helping a defense contractor achieve compliance with a new standard, I am loving every minute of my work and welcoming the challenges.

Happy Thanksgiving from our team to yours!


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