Announcing Our Phishing Service

Perhaps you’ve been harping on users about the importance of pausing and inspecting their emails before taking action, especially unexpected emails. How do you know if your users have taken the advice to heart? You test them.

You may be familiar with our Bite-sized Security Awareness program: security-focused tips delivered to your user base at a regular interval (weekly, bi-weekly) throughout the year. To complement this program, we’re rolling out a Bite-sized Phish and Learn service. Our Bite-sized Phish and Learn service allows you to phish your users in a controlled environment and train them in small, manageable chunks.

How many employees are susceptible to phishing?

How are we different than other products out there? One, we customize phishing templates for you—no need to expend resources designing it yourself. Second, we schedule phishing tests on your behalf and deliver reports. Third, we provide an engaging in-browser experience for employees who (oops!) did fall for a phishing email.

Our belief has always been that behavior changes through education. Our controlled phishing experiences will give your users the knowledge to make the least risky decision. Would you like a free phishing susceptibility test? Contact us today!

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