October – National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Are you hosting any special events geared to educate your employees this year?

Here are three easy ways to engage your users.

1. Strategically Placed Messages

Who can resist a candy bowl? Or any food in the office really? Depending upon your office size, you can use the enticement of food to offer helpful cyber awareness messages. Find a high traffic area, set up a table with a couple of cyber awareness posters and a candy bowl or snack spread.

Educate employees on cyber awareness

2. Incentives

Is there something that would make a big dent in your user security objectives and if so, can you incentivize people to help you accomplish them? For example, if you are strengthening your password policy and requiring 2FA, offer a chance to win a gift card to anyone who completes it by a certain date. Or, cater a lunch for the department with the highest completion rate by a certain date.

3. Games

Tap into the competitive nature of your employees with games such as crossword puzzles or trivia questions. Center your game around the one of your biggest security concerns, such as phishing, password hygiene, or use policies.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month would be a great time to launch a learning sprint such as Phish & Learn. Contact us to learn more.

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