Cyber Threats in 2020

As we approach the new year, it feels timely to consider how cyber threats will grow and change in the coming year. While we can’t predict exactly what 2020 will bring, here are a few things we may see next year.

If its connected.png

Sophisticated Ransomware

Ransomware has been on the rise and we will see attacks continue to increase. In addition to more attacks, the attacks will become more difficult to detect and block. Current security solutions take hours to detect ransomware, which can be enough time for them to do some damage. Future attacks may leave people unaware of what has happened until it’s too late to quarantine any area of the affected network. Further, most ransomware attacks today simply hold files for ransom. However, there is a growing trend to exploit that data as well. Hackers may copy and sell the data or use it to extort their victims.

More Phishing

Phishing attacks will also become more sophisticated in 2020. Phishing kits, which provide all the tools a hacker needs to launch an attack, will become more prevalent. This means criminals without any technical skills can get in on the scheme. This means attacks will be both more frequent and more sophisticated.

New Threat Vectors

The Internet of Things will continue to expand. It’s not just PCs, printers, and mobile devices that connect to the network. Vending machines and smart building power can be linked in as well. And every device presents an opportunity for criminals to hack into our networks.

As we head into 2020, we must continue to practice cyber awareness at work and home. Be on the alert for attacks and make sure your users (family or co-workers!) are ready too. Have a plan of action in case of an incident. We must be as serious about protecting our data as hackers are about stealing it.

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