A Summer Cyber Challenge

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more likely that kids are home with their families this year than in prior years. If you need some cyber resources to help your kids pass the time, we’ve got you covered.

Last summer, we had a blog series on how to bolster your personal cybersecurity. The bonus round focused on an activity for kids. The two-part challenge had kids identify devices around the house that connect to the internet and then researching how it easy it would be to hack one of those devices. See what they can do! Will they remember that things like game consoles (e.g. Nintendo Switch), digital assistants (Alexa), and DVRs all connect to the internet? Will they find a default password and access instructions for a device on the web and realize it could amount to a security weakness in your home? You may be surprised how savvy your kids are!

How many home devices connect to the internet

Take this opportunity to update any default passwords to a unique one. Worried you’ll forget what it is? Just write it down and keep it with other important papers in your home or taped near your router. Yes, we said it – written down and near the device! It’s safe as long as you don’t have people who routinely snoop through your house.

Here are some other free STEM resources for kids this summer.

I Am Cybersafe has three free lessons on internet safety for ages 6-12.

NetSmartz Videos features topics such as cyber bullying, personal safety, and more. (Elementary to high school)

Learn Linux commands with this game.

Learn how to type with Typingclub.

Learn the basics of coding through interactive lessons that feature kid favorites like Minecraft, Frozen, and more on code.org.

Free computer science courses on KhanAcademy.

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