Writing Just to Write

As 2017 kicks off, my to-do list is growing and I really want to scratch off as many things as possible.  In fact, I just want to move most of these items off of the list and into the ether (AKA don’t do them!).  Successful people tend to espouse this one thing: do less, but do better.  My most precious commodity is my time, and if I don’t value it, it will just slip away.  The lesson here?

Resolve to do less, but be more thorough and complete with what you do.

One thing weighing on me is the weekly blog post that I personally write.  I keep going back to this one thing:  Why talk about another data breach or hack that has been hashed and rehashed elsewhere?  I’ve been striving to present the end-user angle and to rein in feelings that the sky is falling.  People get tired of the “everything’s on fire” mantra in security; it causes security awareness fatigue.

IT Directors, CIOs, CISOs, INFOSEC professionals: do you have time to read yet another piece unless it delivers an idea to implement which corresponds to existing priorities?  My guess is “Nope.”


Going forward, my plan is to build out the resources page on the website with even more tips and techniques in place.  There will be no writing just to write.  Happy New Year to all and may you do less, but do better!

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