Introducing Security Awareness Posters

Back when working in Cyber Defense, I remember walking by a poster outside of the restrooms. It depicted an attractive woman caressing a nerdy-looking man’s face. I don’t recall the exact phrase on the poster, but it got the point across: As a clearance holder, you can be the target of espionage. It reminded me of a security awareness briefing I received early in my career during an “all hands” meeting. The speaker made the point that if a gorgeous woman approaches you at a local bar, “She’s not interested in you! She wants the information you have!” It was funny, and it stuck with me for all of these years.

The power of visual cues (like posters) reinforces security awareness and keeps security at the forefront of employees’ minds. Accordingly, we’re introducing posters on the following topics: passwords, e-mail phishing scams, physical security, and personal responsibility.

Here are three of the posters:

View the rest here.

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