Show vs. Tell

One of the big challenges with imparting new information is choosing the technique. If you tell someone something, it may not make sense. If you show someone, it becomes a lot clearer. Of course, learning by doing (having them do it themselves) is even better.

That’s why we recently built a little resource called “What Is This?” which on the surface appears to be a website about learning how to avoid getting hacked. In truth, it’s meant to do one thing: encourage people to look at the website’s URL before supplying any information to a form field. In under two minutes, users of the website learn about ways in which “scammers”– a more relatable term than “phishers”–try to fool them, hoping that they don’t look at the URL at all. And instead of an embedded video, it’s all done within the website itself.

Want to try it?

Free resource for phishing awareness

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