Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Cyber Safe Workforce! Here are some free resources to increase security awareness engagement in your workplace and at home.

Happy Holidays

Liven Up Your Security Awareness with Stories of the Good Guys Fighting Back

  • Scam calls are annoying, right? So are those certified technician popups. Here’s a story about how one guy dealt with them.

Poor Symbolism: HTTPS and Lock Icons

  • Squash the notion that the lock icon means the website is legitimate and safe. Learn how to convey what it really means.

Password Managers

  • Explain password managers and how to use them to create a unique password for every online account.

The Equifax Breach and You

  • Identity theft has been on the mind of consumers following the data breach of a major credit bureau. Help employees defend their identity using the tips in this article.

Show vs. Tell

  • Distinguish between a legitimate and phishing website by its URL.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday and take opportunities to help colleagues, family, and friends enhance their cyber awareness.

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